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Hello and welcome back to As always itís nice to see you. Not much has actually changed, like myself, the site is still big and simple. The main changes are,

The photos and reviews of each show Iíve been to have been condensed onto one page. Iíve also added relevant audio/visual content where necessary.

This page now takes the form of a clickable thumbnail picture gallery with a separate page detailing track listings for each item.

Another thumbnail gallery, this page now incorporates the previous SSScrapbooks as well as the old Fan Gallery.

This page no longer exists.

All other pages remain the same.

Now to take a look at a few things that have occured while I have been offline...


The long awaited DemoBomb finally dropped. Tonyís collection of (mostly) previously unheard gems was released via weekly free downloads on the Sputnikworld site. I personally feel the actual tracks were a little hit and miss, certainly of much varying quality. It was Tonyís write up each week that I looked forward to the most. Such personal first hand insight into the band is a rare thing indeed and if these blogs donít prove that Mr. James should be concentrating on an autobiography then I donít know what will.

One thing that did disappoint me was the little regard given to the early 21st Century Sputnik comeback. Although several of the demos come from this period it seems certain now that Tony never felt that this was in anyway true Sputnik, indeed he states that any future reunion would have to be all six members on a grand scale. Something I feel in my heart of hearts will never happen. Believe me though I will be at the front if it does. And I know some of the faces who will be there with me too.

I havenít been on the various Sputnik forums recently but I know there had been some confusion over the final number of tracks in the collection. Well Iím pretty certain I didnít miss any and I have 42 tracks. Click HERE for the full list. One track I know many people missed was Sex Bomb Boogie (Sputstyle) which was removed from Sound Cloud (or whatever the host was) fairly sharpish. I wouldnít fret too much if you donít have this as it is barely distinguishable from the Flaunt It version and is very poor quality. That said if you do want a copy email me and I will send it by return.

Speaking of the forums an old buddy of mine, Chris Damien Doll, posted his own thoughts on Demo Bomb week by week over on the Sputnik2 message boards. Chris has particular knowledge concerning the day by day rigours of being in a band having been part of the Trashcan Darlings and can currently be found fronting the Suicide Bombers. Chrisí thoughts make fascinating reading, view them HERE

The first paragraph of the final Demo Bomb blog raises a couple of questions...

ďAnd so we reach the final blog for this free to download version of the DemoBomb album. I know there are more demos in my studio somewhere living with spiders, more hard to find versions of recordings at the end of corroding cassettes. Another time.Ē

Does this mean there is going to be a formal and hardcopy release and will there be a Demo Bomb Vol.2?

Only Tony knows...


This EP was released during the height of the Demo Bomb season and including (coincidentally or not) re-recordings of two of the tracks (namely Surfiní in the City and Be My Universe aka Miss Universe). Judging by Facebook Lloyd has taken some time off from working with Martin as he was not involved with the production of this or the forthcoming Cover To Covers EP.

Handling the production duties here is Paul Hammond. My problem with this EP, as well as the awful intro, is that compared to Electronic DNA and its remixed counterpart this release sounds dull, lifeless and uninspired which is a real shame as the songs themselves are fine. Thereís a completely re-worked version of the song formerly known as The Last Temptation Of Sputnik, Iím Your God and the long awaited Martian Babylon. I canít help thinking this would have been a much better release in the hands of Mr. Price.



Hot on the heels of the Resurrection EP but thankfully of much better production quality. Iím not a great fan of cover version products, much prefer new material personally. Martin puts his own stamp on four classic tracks. Ghost Rider is the best.

Both EPís are currently available to purchase on Martinís site.


The most recent material Iíve picked up while the site has been offline. This one does pretty much what it says on the tin. A collection of raw demos from sessions for the forthcoming SSSE album Born To Be Glamorous. Like the G.O.D. release from a few years back some of these tracks show real promise but there is much work to be done yet on all of them. A release for completists only I think although admittedly I have only played it start to finish once. Sputabilly is annoyingly catchy.


SSSE on tour with Fundetta, this is basically happening NOW!!! so head over to REVERBNATION or SPUTNIK2.COM for full details on these shows.


Please be aware that the advertised show at The Cross, Moseley has been cancelled by the promoters who have put out this statement.

ďIt is with regret that The Seventh Wave Presents has had to cancel the "Dodgy Out In The Open Show" and the "Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic / Attrition / Spacebuoy Show" planned for 17 May and 24 May respectively. We are truly sorry for having to make this announcement. The Promoter (The Seventh Wave Presents) has done everything in their power to make these shows happen. The Loft has had a number of production difficulties and they have decided that there will be no more live shows at the venue after 03 May.

Refunds for "Dodgy" and "Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic" are available from the point of purchase. Alternatively, you can transfer your ticket across to another of our shows (19/04/14 Northside + support or 03/05/14 B Movie, Blue Zoo, Among The Echoes and Zero Corporation). Zero Corporation (who were originally scheduled to be on the "Steve Strange Show" will be moving across to the B Movie and Blue Zoo show on 03/05/14). Once again, please accept our apologies. We have not been the masters of our own destiny ........ we will regroup and hopefully come back stronger."


Sputnik Electronic play Londonís Electrowerkz on Saturday 31st May. Details and ticket information can be found HERE and HERE


Any of the unofficial DVDs or audios in my collection are available for trade or to purchase. DVDs will be supplied in plain packaging only. Please note I only trade unofficial items PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR COPIES OF ANY SSS/SSSE RELEASES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE THROUGH THE OFFICIAL SITES. Thank you.


The siteís domain has been renewed for another year. The Sputnik community is fairly quiet these days, most happenings are reported across the social media sites now. Still, Iíve decided to keep on with the site for now, although updates will probably not be as frequent as they once were.

As always, thanks for stopping by,

Doc x